Shadow Play Paranormal

Welcome to SPP, a premier paranormal investigative group.

Shadow Play Paranormal is a local not for profit organization that is dedicated to helping anyone who may have a paranormal presence in their lives. Whether it is upon an individual, home, business or in a public setting, we are here to help people understand what may or may not be happening. We never charge you for an investigation or consultation.

We are dedicated to the search for irrefutable proof and to better understand this particular  paranormal  phenomena.

SPP investigates sites of paranormal activity including, but not limited to; cemeteries, houses, businesses and historical sites with audio and video recording equipment in both analog and digital formats. It is our goal to document and validate the existence of ghosts and educate not only ourselves but others as well.

As paranormal researchers, we are committed to collecting, evaluating and documenting the existence of paranormal activity via our equipment. We are scientifically minded, evaluating possible causes for paranormal and supernatural phenomena.

 However, we cannot in good conscience proclaim ourselves “experts” in the paranormal, and we caution everyone to be wary of those who do make such claims, particularly if a fee is involved.


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