Shadow Play Paranormal

Welcome to our FAQ page.



What do paranormal researchers do?

While every researcher has their own special techniques and tricks they use on investigations, most generally operate in similar fashion. SPP utilizes technology such as video cameras and audio recorders to try and capture out-of-the-ordinary images and sounds that may occur, and various meters and instruments that measure unexplained changes in the natural environment of a location.


What does "paranormal" mean?

Paranormal is defined as something "of or pertaining to the claimed occurrence of an event or perception without scientific explanation, so what exactly does this mean? In rough terms, anything that is unexplainable by science is considered "paranormal". Obviously, the boundaries of what is and is not considered paranormal can seem a bit blurred. The simplest way of defining paranormal is to say that it is something not normal. Paranormal science is a broad field involving several different areas of study, in the case of SPP the focus is on the study and investigation of paranormal claims related to spirit encounters.



So you believe in ghosts?

Yes...and no. While it is generally believed, there may be the possibility that there are free-roaming human spirits out there, definitive scientific proof has remained elusive. As paranormal investigators, SPP considers themselves to be a part of the scientific community and certain criteria needs to be met in order to prove that a haunt is legitimate by scientific standards. While we have, in our investigations, come across some very convincing evidence, we will not confirm, nor deny, the presence of human spirits. We simply confirm that there is something out there, but what that is remains a mystery.