Shadow Play Paranormal

SPP Investigations.

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Southern Utah

Grafton: Witnesses report hearing footsteps, pacing on the floor boards, feeling warm breath in their faces and feeling whisks of air as though someone had just passed them. A little info- The town of Grafton was settled by Mormon pioneers whom were raided by Indians and many were killed.

Mountain Meadows: This is the site of the infamous "Mountain Meadows Massacre" that occurred in 1857. 120 men, women, and children, on their way from Arkansas to California, were murdered at this spot by a band of Mormon Militia. To this day, the reasons behind the slaughter are unknown. Many have reported that when they approach the creek below the monument, they can hear voices of the dead calling out to them.

Silver Reef cemetery: located near Leeds north of St. George. the old Catholic cemetery is purported to be haunted by a little girl who follows people out of the cemetery. There have also been reports of people hearing footsteps and voices of children asking to be taken home, and feeling as if they are being watched while they are there.

The Hamblin Home: The sound of horse hoofs can be heard in the front yard at night.

Anasazi Site Southern Utah: This site is full of spiritual activity, shadow figures have been seen as well an apparition, thought to be another hiker at first glance, but suddenly vanished.